Tridium: How to Discover Events2HVAC BACnet Points

Events2HVAC exposes a BACnet device and a status point that can be used to allow other BACnet devices to monitor the status of the Events2HVAC scheduling process and take action like switch-over of schedules to default schedules if communication is lost.
Below is the basic procedure for discovering the E2H BACnet device and the E2H-S point.

Discover Events2HVAC Device

Make sure the Events2HVAC server is online and BACnet communication has been established already between the server and the Tridium BACnet device before attempting to discover points.

Double-click the BacnetNetwork driver and click on "Discover" to look for other BACnet devices.
Enter the expected device high and low limit if they are known to limit the number of devices that respond.  The default Events2HVAC device id is 799.  Click OK to start the discovery.
A list of discovered devices should show up.  Select the Events2HVAC-xxx client device and click "Add".  

Click OK.  You should see the device show up and online.

Discover points

Double-click on the "Points" folder and select "Discover".

You'll see all the points discovered in the Events2HVAC device.
Select "E2H-2" binaryValue:1 and hit the "add" button.
Click OK to save.After adding, you'll see the E2H-S point under the device in the points folder.
The E2H-S status point can now be shared with your zone logic to control default schedules.
E2H-S Value (Status) Description Action*
On Events2HVAC schedule is running Allow E2H Schedules
Off Events2HVAC is shutting down or some other issue is preventing normal scheduling Use Default Schedules
(Down or Fault) Communication has been disrupted between Events2HVAC server and Tridium Use Default Schedules
*Make sure off and on delays are implemented for switch-over.
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