JCI Controller BACnet "Buffer Overflow" Bug

Applies To: JCI NAE5510 NAE's (firmware

During recent testing at a JCI site, we discovered that NAE's were throwing a "Buffer Overflow" error when the ObjectList property of the device was read.  This caused our BACnet Explorer to show empty points lists.

This bug only shows up on NAE's that have a large number of object (~>3900 points).  Unknown if this affects any other devices.

NAE is throwing the buffer overflow error when a read request for the device’s objectList property is executed by our client.  We were able to modify our BACnet Explorer code (in v1.5.1) to read each object one at a time if the first call fails.  The will cause big performance hit when discovering the points in a device.  It takes about 15 seconds to populate the device with the points this way instead of 200 msec.

You can see this error when you look at the device properties.


This bug was reported to the JCI branch, but unsure if it was actually reported to JCI support as a bug in their BACnet device.


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