Application Note : Honeywell EBI - Adding BACnet Server Points

The following application note describes the typical procedure for exposing a BACnet object on the EBI server.

Step 1:

In Quickbuilder, the point has to be exposed as a BACnet object. Check the BACnet Object Type box, and then in the dropdown list select the appropriate object type (e.g. "Binary Value" for a binary value, etc.). Download the point to the server.


Step 2:

In the directory \\Program Files\Honeywell\Server\Run, create a text file called bnet.txt

Step 3:

Edit the .txt file to contain the point information using the following format


Save the bnet.txt file and close it.

Step 4:

from the DOS prompt in the directory mentioned in Step 1, enter the following command

Bacnetbld bnet.txt    (filename is case sensitive)

Step 5:

Check for errors in the file BNET.errlog

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