How to add an Events2HVAC SQL user for login to a remote EMS database

The following steps are required to add a new user to an existing EMS SQL database so that Events2HVAC can read the necessary scheduling data.  This may be required if:

  • You want a unique SQL user to be used for Events2HVAC connection.
  • The default built-in SQL user for EMS ("EMS_User") doesn't connect from Events2HVAC.

Important:  The following examples should be performed by a qualified SQL database administrator.

In SMSEE (SQL Server Management Studio), log in using the credentials of the SQL administrator of the SQL server that host the EMS database.
Note: In this example the EMS database name is EMS4ENTSAMPLE_DATA.  This name will be different for your EMS database.
Go to the Security folder and right click on Logins.

Select New Login...
From the General Page, enter the new SQL login user name and SQL password, and assign the default database as the EMS database.  Make sure you uncheck the "Enforce password policy", "Enforce password expiration", and "User must change password at next login" options.

From the User Mapping page, check the mapping item to the EMS database and assign it the db_datareader role for read-only access to the EMS data.
Test for connectivity in the Events2HVAC client from Events menu > Dean Evans EMS Options (Make sure the "Use Windows Authentication" box is unchecked).
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