Configuring firewall rules for NetX Port Sharing Service

If your NetX Port Sharing Service will be handling remoted connections from other NetX clients, you will need to allow those connections in the Windows Firewall.

1.  Verify if the firewall is blocking the connection (Server 2008)

Turn off the firewall to verify if it is blocking remote connections from other NetX clients (NetX Command Center or Events2HVAC).  

Open the firewall dialog, right-click to show properties.

Turn off the firewall and hit Apply.  Test your SQL connection again to see if it works.  If not, you'll need to investigate further.

If the connection was successful and you want the firewall enabled (recommended), you'll need to add a firewall rule on inbound connections.

2.  Allow Remote Events2HVAC Connection Rule in Windows Firewall (Server 2008)

Type: Inbound Rule
Name: NetX Port Sharing Service (TCP Ports 10001,10002,10003)
Protocol: TCP
Port: 10001-10003

Open the windows firewall dialog again, and add a new inbound rule.  Select port as the type.

Select TCP as the protocol and ports 10001-10003 in this example.   Use your actual port numbers here.

Select Allow The Connection

Select the appropriate profile for your organization.

Allow the connection.

Give a descriptive name like below:

Using the steps at the beginning of this article, turn the firewall back on.

Test your NetX connection from a remote PC to service PC. 

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