JCI MSEA Device : How to Use a Global Query to Create a Point List

For each action that you assign to equipment, you must enter in the fully qualified item reference name of the point object that you will be commanding in the MSEA system.  One way to get this information is to create a Global Point Query in the MSEA user interface.

Step 1:  Open the global search viewer.


Step 2:  Enter the search locations.


Step 3: Enter the search criteria.  In the example below, find all objects that have OCC in the point name.


Step 4:  Start the search


Step 5:  Copy the results to the clipboard and paste into Excel or a text document.  The text is formatted as tab separated values.  The example below shows the results in Excel.


The reference column is the what you will need to copy and paste into the item reference field in the equipment actions.

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