How to Refresh the Room Cache After New Rooms Are Added

If you add new rooms or modify existing rooms in your reservation system after you've configured Events2HVAC at your site, you will need to force Events2HVAC to refresh its local room cache so that the new rooms can be assigned to equipment.

Perform the following steps on the client:

  1. Go to Events menu, select Room List

  2. At the bottom of the list, hit the "Rebuild" button. This will refresh the room cache with the current EMS room database.

  3. You now should be able to see the new rooms in the room list and also in the equipment item room list.  Note: in Dean Evans EMS, make sure the rooms defined are marked as "Active" because E2H doesn't include inactive rooms.

For AsureSpace Resource Scheduler, there are some additional considerations in the help documents. 


Note: If you deleted a room that was assigned to an E2H equipment item, that item will still be shown in the assigned rooms list.  You will need to manually remove the room from the equipment.

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