How to Discover New Event Statuses from EMS

Applies to: Dean Evan EMS event providers only

When you initially configure the event provider interface for Dean Evans EMS, the EMS event statuses are shown in the EMS options dialog.  These are selected to tell Events2HVAC which event statuses will flow to your equipment schedules.

If you happen to add or modify those initial event statuses in EMS, you will need to manually re-discover the statuses to use them in your Events2HVAC system.

  1. Open the EMS options (Events menu).

  2. Select the Events tab.

    The Events tab is only visible on the server client.  Remote clients do not have this option.
  3. Make note of the statuses that are currently checked, and hit “Reload Statuses”. The new items should appear.

  4. Reselect the statuses that you want to flow to your HVAC equipment.

  5. Make sure you restart the command queue (Windows service) so that the changes take effect.

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