How does Events2HVAC licensing work?

Each Events2HVAC client and server platform requires a license XML file in order for the software to operate.  The license is keyed based on the Event Provider that you've chosen, the device interfaces chosen, and the number of rooms from the Event Provider that will be mapped to HVAC equipment.

Your site's pricing will be determined by each of those factors.

Each equipment item that you define can have unlimited actions to any of the interfaces purchased.  You can assign multiple rooms to equipment and you can use the same rooms on multiple equipment definitions.  The room count needed will be the total number of UNIQUE rooms that will be mapped.

Requesting a License

Prior to installing the E2H software for the first time, you should run the following license request application from the Events2HVAC server platform.  This application will allow the user to fill in appropriate fields.  It will also retrieve platform specific information needed to generate the license key.  The generated XML can be email to so that a license key can be generated and sent back.

Expanding Your License

After your initial license purchase, if your facility grows and you want to add more rooms or interfaces, you may send your existing license file to and request the additional items and an updated license file will be sent back to enable those changes.

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