How do I add a new license file to Events2HVAC?

If you are loading a brand new license file or you added some rooms to your original license, you will need to take the following steps to install the new license file.

You must install the license on all Events2HVAC client applications starting with the Events2HVAC server.

To load a new license:

1. Open the Events2HVAC client application.

2. Login with an account with Administrator rights.

3. Go to the menu item Admin –> License Manager.


4. The current license details will be shown.

5. Click on the Load New License button.

6. Browse your computer where you saved the license XML file and select the file.

7. The new license details will be shown.  Verify the details to make sure everything is correct.

8. Close the window.

9. If your new license contains any new device interfaces that you did not have with your last license, you must rediscover the new devices in the Device Interface Manager.  See details below:

10. Important:  You must manually restart the E2H windows service for the server to reload the new license.

The default location and file name for the license file on each client is:

C:\program files\streamside solutions\Events2HVAC\license.xml

Warning:  Do not attempt to edit the license file directly or the license will become invalid and will cause your application to stop working correctly.

Rediscovering new devices

If you purchase an additional device that you previously had installed, you must force E2H to rediscover all devices.  Make sure you have installed the software and selected the appropriate devices during installation prior to rediscovering.

  1. Go to the menu item Admin --> Device Interface Manager.

  2. Click on the Rediscover button.

The list of devices should reflect what you ordered.  If the new devices do not show up in the list, you may need to reload the latest software and select the missing device interface as an option during the install.

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