How to Activate a 60-day BACnet Evaluation Code

If you are evaluating the Events2HVAC software and are using the BACnet Device Interface for your trial, you will need to activate a 60-day evaluation license in order to test the interface.  This is a separate 3rd party license that is different from the Events2HVAC software license.

Note: The procedures below require an internet connection.  If your server does not have internet access, you will need to copy the Client Serial Number as shown in the BACnet options screen below and email that to

If no BACnet license is found, the BACnet driver will be operational for only 30 minutes at a time.

Note:  Events2HVAC comes with a demo 10 room license for initial testing.  If you are testing a 60 day trial, you should request and install the 60 day trial license for Events2HVAC prior to activating the BACnet evaluation code.  The process below embeds the BACnet code in the current Events2HVAC license file.

Go to Devices > BACnet > Options.


Hit the “Get Evaluation Code” button. 

This will request a 60-day evaluation license from the manufacturer of the BACnet driver.  (Note: this is not generated by Streamside Solutions; after this license expires a full license for the BACnet driver must be purchased to continue).


Enter your email address.

 Answer Yes to embed the key in the current Event2HVAC license file.



 Go to Tools > Options and select the Command Queue tab.

Click the Stop button and wait for the service to stop, then click the Start button. 
This restarts the Events2HVAC Windows service and enables the new trial license.

In the Registration tab, the BACnet driver should now appear as registered.




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