Events2HVAC Maintenance

Have a Backup Plan

After you've gotten your system configured and running, it is highly recommended that you implement a data backup plan to save all of the Events2HVAC data and configuration files in case of data loss.

Failure to do so could result in significant downtime in facility scheduling while you rebuild all of your files and equipment configurations.

  1. Make sure the Events2HVAC server is regularly backed up and saved in a location that is on a different hardware platform and/or removable media, ideally stored off-site in a safe location.
  2. Make sure your Events2HVAC SQL database is regularly backed up and saved in a different location on a different PC. Contact your IT department for help implementing this procedure.  See tips below.
  3. Export your equipment configuration out to an XML file and store in a different location.  This file can be imported to quickly rebuild your equipment definitions to the original state without having to restore a SQL database file.
  4. Print out a report showing your equipment definitions after you have completed configuration and setup of your equipment.  If you do have to rebuild from scratch, this will prove invaluable.
This link addresses topics related to the backup procedures:

SIgn Up for Product Notifications

There are multiple ways to keep in the loop on product news and update information.

Update your software

Product updates are released several times throughout the year.  Some updates are specific to certain event providers and device interfaces, and others are more general updates that apply to the user interface or the core scheduling components.

By following our posts, you will be able to see when updates are available and be informed on all the latest improvements to Events2HVAC.  Most updates are straightforward and required little time, however some may take more planning depending on what has changed.

Every license of Events2HVAC comes with a one-year, free subscription to product updates, but it is highly recommended that you renew this each year so your facility is running the most current version of Events2HVAC. 

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