JCI MSEA: Troubleshooting

Please refer the error log files, windows event application log, and the Events2HVAC windows service log files to help determine the actual errors that are causing problems.

SoapException: Access Denied due to Insufficient Privileges

Error Text

System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Access Denied due to Insufficient Privileges. Have you synchronized your security database lately? For basic web services to authorize correctly the security database must be backed up from the site director and restored to each child device. This must be done whenever security database is changed on the site director.


The username that the JCI MSEA device interface logs in as must be created in the SCT and given the necessary permission for commanding objects.  The ADS/ADX and each device must also have the security database synchronized to allow the commands to occur.

See Also

COM Excepting during Login - MSSDA not installed

In the MSEA connections settings, when you try to test the connection you might get the following message:

Make sure you have properly installed the prerequisite Metasys System Secure Data Access DLL (MSSDA) component on the Events2HVAC server.

Note:  MSSDA for version 4.0 MSEA is what is used.  See E2H prerequites.


Connection Failed - Wrong version of MSSDA loaded

Make sure you have the correct version of MSSDA loaded on the Events2HVAC server.

E2H v1.x uses MSSDA v4.0

 Error Reading MSEA Object

Error Text

System.ArgumentException The device XXXXX received a web request that was meant for the device YYYYY
An error message cannot be displayed because an optional resource assembly containing it cannot be found


The item reference that is trying to be read is using a different controller as the site host than what is defined in the MSEA options.

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