Testing Subscriptions and Reports

There is a subscription testing form that can be used to troubleshoot issues with generating and receiving email subscription reports.

If there is an issue with the PDF report being received in the email (e.g. the Daily Event Report is blank), first try to generate the report on-demand from the Reports menu.  If you aren't getting the right results, please submit a ticket to support.

If you need to test the automatic creation and email of report via submission to the command queue, you can use the Subscription Test Form to simulate a subscription.

In the E2H client, select Tools | Test Subscription in the menu.

Select the subcription name that you want to test, the time to generate it, and an optional email address.  Note: if you don't enter an email address, it will be sent to all users that are normally subscribed to that report.

If you are still getting errors or unexpected results, you can view the error log files or submit a support ticket to get additional help.

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