Server: CMDQueueService Stopped

The following message indicates that the windows service (Events2HVAC_Service) has been stopped.  This is a warning message since the shutdown is most likely intentional by a user.

Warning Message:

The following warning was detected in Events2HVAC and emailed to all warning subscribers...

Date = 11/10/2012 10:43:48 AM
Severity = Warning
Source =
Message = *** CMDQueueService Stopped ***

The receipt of this message indicates:

  • The windows service has stopped and any scheduling to equipment will not take place.
  • The service could have stopped due to the server being shutdown, the windows service stopped by a user, or some other event that caused the stoppage.
  • This is a warning message because it could be intentional.  However, if a "ReturnToNormal" message is not received after a restart, an administrator should investigate why it hasn't restarted.
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