Customer Support Tools

Below are some different tools available to help us visualize issues that you are seeing and support problems remotely.

Remote Support (Screen Sharing)

  • Join.Me (preferred - free) - Customer can select Start Meeting, download the Java app, and send Streamside the code to share your screen.
  • GotoMeeting - Contact Streamside Solutions to create a GotoMeeting.
  • GotoAssistExpert ($) - Contact Streamside Solutions to initiate a GotoAssist Session.  Customer link - enter the support key that Streamside Solutions provides for the session.

Screen Video/Image Capture

If you need to show a sequence of steps with coordinating a remote session, you can use Jing to create a short video of your screen.  This will allow you to show the steps to re-create a problem.

  • Jing (preferred - free) - Customer can load this free app, click capture, select the window to capture.  Can capture video or image.  Send the *.swf flash file via email to support.
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