Setting Up Email Notifications with GMail or Google Work Accounts

Here's the steps to use a personal Gmail account or Google work account to send SMTP notifications from Events2HVAC.

Also, you may need to make sure you have a "strong" password for Google to allow smtp connections from other apps.  Also you might need 2 step verification enabled for some of these steps to work.

GMail Account

1. Go to account settings, Sign-in & security, select App passwords.


2. Create a new app password.

3.  Use this password with your gmail address as the SMTP user login in Events2HVAC options.

SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 587 (use TLS Encryption)

Google Work Account:

1.  In Goggle Account settings, sign-in & security - Turn on "allow less secure apps"


2. Use your user login settings to connect.

SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 587 (use TLS Encryption)



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