How to Increase Command Queue Worker Threads

The default number of threads setting for the command queue processor is 5.  In some cases, if you started with a very early version of Events2HVAC, this might even be set to 1.

This setting allocates threads for processing commands from the command queue.  A setting of 5 will only process 5 commands at a time until one of the used threads is completed.

If you regularly see commands triggering at the same time (e.g. at end of day) in quantities over 100, you should adjust the number of threads for your system to a higher value.  Don't make this number too high since higher simultaneous threads can have a negative impact on your server resources and may overwhelm the systems you are trying to send to (e.g. BACnet) under high load conditions.

Here's the key that you need to change in events2hvacserver.config file located in the application root directory:

<!--Maximum background threads to use for commands (server only)-->
<add key="MaxWorkerThreads" value="10" />

Edit this value in a text editor and save it.

Note: In server 2012, you will need to copy the file over to your desktop first, edit it, then copy it back to the directory so that it will prompt you for admin elevation privileges first. Also be careful when editing this file.  If you make a typo in this file it will crash E2H when you restart!

After changing, you will need to restart the E2H windows service for it to take effect.

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