Defining Groups for Buildings and Campuses After Upgrading to v1.7.0

Version 1.7.0 adds new grouping functionality to your room and equipment configurations.  This was added to help organize equipment lists for larger multi-building and multi-campus sites.  Also, v1.7.0 introduces data collection for analytics.  Grouping by building allows this data to be arranged and grouped by building and campus so you can see how buildings perform against other buildings.

Assigning Groups to Rooms

After upgrading to 1.7.0, you will need to perform a few steps to start using groups.  When rooms are retrieved from your event provider(s) system, the building assignment will be automatically converted to the same building name.  If you have undefined buildings or rooms that are assigned to the wrong building group, you can assign them to the correct group using the steps below.

  1. Open the Room List (Events - Room List) for each event provider that you have active.  When the room list is first opened and viewed, groups for the event providers's building assignments will be created automatically.  Buildings that don't have a building assignment will be grouped into a building called "(Undefined Building)".

  2. Modify the building group names if needed.  You can edit these directly in the room list cell.  Changing the names of the groups will not change anything on the reservation system so you can name them whatever makes sense.
  3. Re-assign rooms to other buildings.  You can drag and drop rooms to other building groups.
  4. Organize buildings into campus groups (if applicable).  To create a campus, select the buildings that will be in the campus, right-click, select Add Campus.
  5. Exclude rooms that should not be linked to equipment or included in any room analytics.  Some event providers will include other resources like vehicles, projectors, outside spaces, etc. that should not be designated as rooms.  To exclude rooms, select the room(s) to exclude, right-click, select exclude rooms.

If you have multiple event providers, each event provider's room list could potentially create building groups that are the same as other event providers, but named differently.  If this is the case, you can merge to buildings into one by dragging the source building to the destination building (the one you want to keep).  This will combine the rooms into the destination building and remove the source building from the group list.

Assigning Groups to Equipment

Once your groups have been defined like you want them, then you can assign your equipment items to a group.

The easiest way to do this is to open up the new Equipment Grid Editor and click on the "auto-Assign Bldgs" button.  This will automatically look at the rooms assigned to each equipment item and assign the appropriate group building to the equipment.  If you still have some equipment items that have "None" for building assignment, then you probably have two or more rooms that are assigned to different buildings.  You'll need to manually assign the correct building in these cases.

Once buildings are assigned to equipment you view your equipment list by building in the Equipment Manager.

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