How to modify SSL/TLS settings in Events2HVAC

Events2HVAC is by default setup to use .Net's default SSL callback handling and TLS versions.  In cases where SSL certificates are self-hosted or expired, accessing endpoints with "https:" will fail due to an invalid SSL certificate.

Changing these settings from default is not recommended since it lowers the security of the connection.

However, there is a setting in the events2HVACServer.config file that you can adjust.  See below:

Important:  Changes to these setting affect all SSL connections in Events2HVAC!

Server Ssl Settings:

Ssl Callback Values (SslCallback)
0 = None (default) - Any certificate errors are flagged
1 = Ignore All Errors - Bypasses any certificate checks
2 = Ignore All Errors Only from Hosts defined in the "TrustedHosts" list.
4 = Allow Self Hosted Certificates

Ssl Trusted Hosts (TrustedHosts)
This can be a comma separated list of host names that can be ignored.  The trusted hosts will be ignored only if "SslCallback" value = 2.
Example: ", mydomain1, mydomain2"

The settings have to be adjusted manually in both of these files on the server (C:\program files (x86)\streamside solutions\events2hvac\):

events2hvacserver.config (for E2H windows service)

    <add key="SslCallback" value="0" />
    <add key="TrustedHosts" value="" />

events2hvac.config (for E2H client)

    <add key="SslCallback" value="0" />
    <add key="TrustedHosts" value="" />

Note:  You may need to copy these files out of the application root directory first, edit the file (with admin permissions), and copy it back to the application root.  Keep a copy in case you make a typo.  A typo can cause you application to fail to startup!

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