How To Automatically Force a Re-Sync for Wi-Fi Thermostats

Starting in v1.9, a new task scheduler was implemented that will allow a scheduled daily forced re-sync to occur at a specific time.  This can be useful if you are integrated to Wi-Fi thermostats and you want to make sure any adjustments made by users outside of what Events2HVAC has commanded to the thermostat are reset back to the Events2HVAC settings.

This can be done by enabling the daily task in the Tools - Events2HVAC Options - Schedule Processing tab:


- Check the "Use Quartz Scheduler..." option.

- Check the "Enable daily forced re-sync task at" and enter the time (hh:mm) to perform the daily task.

This will automatically schedule and execute a forced re-sync command at the time each day.  This will ensure all of your thermostats and their setpoints are re-commanded to the current schedules in Events2HVAC.

If once a day reset is not frequent enough, there is another option to force the re-sync state of each zone to be considered "stale" after xx hours.  For example if you want to do a forced re-sync on every zone where the last command was sent > 8 hrs ago, you can set the following option:


Enter the number of hours in this option to enable this feature.  For the example above, enter 8 hrs.  During normal automatic re-sync that occurs after each event query, the re-sync will check if the last successful command was sent longer than 8 hrs ago.  If so, it will do a forced re-sync on that zone.

Warning:  This will cause all of your zones to be commanded at a greater frequency than normal so this will generate more traffic and also could generate more error notifications if some zones are offline.

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